Sunday, November 16, 2008

V Mail To Bing From Art-Nov. 25, 1943

Dearest Bing:

Just received your letters of November 9th and 12th, and they came just in time to help me celebrate Thanksgiving. I wrote to you just the other night bitching a little because I haven't heard from you for so long. Now I feel a little better. Of course I have received only on package out of about one dozen so I can always find something to cuss about when I'm down and out. I am taking quite a chance starting this letter out single space, who knows that when I get down a couple paragraphs I might run out of news then start to stretch it out in order to make in last until I get to the bottom of the page. So if you find that I start to double space you will know what happened.

I am sure sorry that I missed Bob Brath when he was over in North Africa. He sure is a lucky one to be back home. I suppose he realizes that once he has left the States. Any one of those fellows over there who goes around wishing he was over here sure isn't in his right mind.

It seems that every time you write, Alvin is going to get a Furlough or a few days off. It would be just his luck to be stationed right near you, but I guess some people have all the luck. If you are going to enveigle him into a bowling game I'm going to write to him and give him a few pointers on how to bowl. From the scores you say you make you should give him at least a few games practice before you start in on him. When I get back you are going to have to let me have plenty of practice. Right now I'd be doing good if I could hit anywhere near a hundred. I would even have to start in on one of those cork balls until I got used to heaving one of those 16 pound babies.

You don't suppose you could pick me up some cheap camera somewhere and a good supply of film. I suppose the thing to do would be hunt up a supply of film first and then go get a camera to fit the film. From what you say, it is very hard to get any film at all. Maybe you could pick up some odd size at some out of the way store. If you do happen to hit it lucky don't pay to much for a camera, because they are make kind of delicate and they have a long ways to come and are liable to become broken in shipment. It is possible I may get some good pictures over here. I may take on of myself, who knows? They don't do such a hot job of developing them but I guess they do the best they can with the materials they have to work with. In placing this request I don't mean for you to go right out and shop for one. Just keep your eye out for one and if you happen to see one and it doesn't cost too much get it.

Well honey I guess I have reached the place where I will either have to double space or sign off. Maybe it would be just as well to save some of the news which I haven't got, until the next letter. Just as well, I just found out I make it to the bottom anyhow. Goodby for now.

Love and kisses

V Mail To Bing From Art-Oct. 27, 1943

Dearest Bing,

Another month just about over and sure with this darn war was over, it will have to end sometime though and the quicker the better I'm going to like it.

If you can sell the car for good price you might as well go ahead and get rid of it. But be sure and don't let anybody gyp you.

I don't know much about filing our income tax as I am not up on the latest dope. I believe there is a bill up which gives me an exemption of $1500 on service pay, if this passes I won't have to file a return as you can take the whole 1200 exemption by filing your return separately as this exemption can be claimed by either spouse. I think what I will do is write to my boss and have him send me some book that is up to date on income tax so I can study it in my spare time and then I won't be too old fashioned when I get back on my old job. As it is I would have to start in all over again and learn how to make any returns.

I have written this kind of small but hope you can make it out. Goodnight for now honey.

Love and Kisses

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Scanning Issues

I scanned all these letters so I could post them on here, but it's not working for some reason. So until Mike gets back to fix it, I'm just going to type them out. I will eventually post pictures of the actual letters though.

V Mail To Bing From Art-Oct. 23, 1943

Dearest Bing:
Received your letter of October 10 today, which is pretty fast considering the distance it has to go. I also got one from Mother. She says Bob Brath is over here. I sure would like to run into him if he ever gets across to Italy.
I hope by now you have received some of my letters. I sure know how it is not to get word.
I was going to send you some money right after the first of the month as I have two months pay coming, but as you might need is by now I will send you some now and then some more when I get paid.
You had better file our income tax jointly this year too. I'll advise you later on about that. I don't have any more taken out for bonds, it has been cancelled.
Have run out of room so will answer the rest of your questions later. Goodnight honey.
Love and Kisses,

V Mail To Bing From Art-Oct. 14(?), 1943

Dearest Bing:
Just received three letters from you but can't seem to make out just what is going on. One of them is dated Sept. 11 and is from Wolf Point and you say you are on your way to California. I haven't heard from you since the first of August so I am completely in the dark as to what is going on. What are you going to do there? Work or just visit. Who the heck is Frank A(?) going to marry. That sure is news.
I also got a letter from your mother and one from mine also two fro m Helen Lou. It sure is good to hear from home after such a long stretch. I must drop mother a line so will close now. All my love and kisses,

V Mail To Bing From Art-Oct. 11, 1943

Dearest Bing:
Just got about 14 letters dated in August and September but still can't make out if you intend to stay in California very long.
It was quite a coincidence when you named your horse.
Haven't much time as it's to dark to see now and I still have to address this so good-bye for now. I have new APO number in case you never got my last letter.
Love and kisses,

Western Union Telegram-Aug. 2, 1943 1:16pm


Letter To Bing From Art-July 6, 1943

Dearest Bing:

I received your letter of June 18th a couple of days ago and just now I got your letter of the 23rd.
I am glad to hear you made the trip home and back without running out of gas or having any othe rmisfourtunes.
I have run out of V mail and it may be some time before they issue us any more. So I guess I'll have to contend myself with writting air mail or free mail until I get some more.
Do you really think you can persuade Alvin to ride your horse? I don't think he has run on a horse since him and I used to work on Dan Wises ranch. As for myself, I have done very little riding since I worked tor the horse sales yards there. So it would take a while to toughen me up.
You must be planning on a long cold winter to be buying a fur goat this time of the year. I suppose though it's the best time to buy them.
I had a dream last night that I was back home. It was so real I was really disappointed when I woke up and found out I was only dreaming. Maybe I can continue the dream tonight, suppose?
I suppose I might as well close. I started this letter this morning after breakfast and now it's after supper.
Well I didn't even get to close. I had another interruption. Will write again in a couple of days.

Love and Kisses,

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

These are pictures of the Robinson house in State Center, IA. I am really curious to know if this house is still standing. It really was a beautiful house.

This is Amyleigh Marie Robinson. She's on the left in the bottom picture.

I thought it might be fun for Amy to see her name sake. :)

Monday, September 29, 2008

A Dip in the Brink

Correction: I got an email from Greg and evidently this story doesn't fit what he was told by his dad about when he was in the army. So for now, it remains a mystery who this story is about. :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Box of History

Ann gave us a box of pictures and letters from the Arnold line. I think these need to be available to all of us. I don't want them to just continue to sit in a box. There's some pretty cool family history here. So, I'll be scanning the pictures and letters and posting them, and also typing out the letters since some of them are kind of difficult to read. I will start as soon as I figure out the scanner. :)